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“Why We Can’t Get Enough of Todd “Z-Man” Zalkins Film The Long Way Back”

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 4:01 a.m.
By Matt Coker


An award-winning documentary about the addiction spiral that nearly killed Todd Zalkins—as it previously did his longtime buddy and Sublime front man Bradley Nowell—gets a much deserved third screening at the 2017 Newport Beach Film Festival today.

The Long Way Back: The Story of Todd “Z-Man” Zalkins is set to roll at 5 p.m. at The Triangle in Costa Mesa. Friday night’s first NBFF screening at the Lido Theatre in Newport Beach “was incredible,” Zalkins tells the Weekly. “I believe we had 600 people there and tremendous feedback from the viewers.”…



Newport Beach Independent Newspaper Online

“The Long Way Back” is a Harrowing Ride

Apr 2017 By Norm Bour


“The Long Way Back” is a train wreck of a movie—but it’s one of the most compelling and scary train wrecks you will ever see, and punches you in the gut with the reality of one of the most deadly and preventable diseases in the country: opioid addiction.

Directed by Richard Yelland and produced by Mike Meeker, this documentary recently took top honors at the Phoenix Film Festival. If you know anyone who is at risk of drug abuse or has a history, this is a 2017 version of the classic movie “Scared Straight.” It’s an anti-drug movie wrapped around a rock star biopic…


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“Highlights from The 17th Annual Phoenix Film Festival 2017 – Part 1″

April 29, 2017
By Ray Schillaci


Imagine, it’s the mid ’90s, you’re young, full of life, partying every night with your buds, your best friend’s band has just broken through with a hit video, and you’re the star of it. Drugs, alcohol, and raucous music rule your frenzied lives until one night you miss a phone call from that best friend, and he’s discovered dead from a heroin overdose leaving behind a wife, child, and a budding career. Now, what do you do?

Unfortunately, when Bradley Nowell from the band Sublime passed away, it sent his best friend, Todd “Z-Man” Zalkins in a tailspin with an addiction that few have ever survived. The man who didn’t sleep for 44 days, and was known to have taken eighteen Oxycontin (80mg/tablet), sixteen Norco (Vicodin), and three Fentanyl sticks (800mcg) in one day, eventually faced his demons and stepped up to a challenge that he would later discover was a crisis in our nation…


Dec 08, 2016
The Recovery Show Show with Dr. Joe and Angelina interview Todd ‘Z-Man’ Zalkins and Producer Mike Meeker in-studio to discuss their upcoming documentary “The Long Way Back”.


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